Justin & Bianca, together with our two little boys Jake & Cody, welcome you to Narrung Farms. We live on the banks of the Murray River in North West Victoria. Here we raise Dorper sheep for meat, chickens for meat & eggs, as well as ducks for eggs. We also have working dogs & horses. We strive to improve the condition of our land and continue to plant saltbush for fodder and trees for shade. We do not use chemicals or artificial fertilizers, preferring to produce our own compost, compost tea, worm castings and worm juice. Our mission is to raise animals in an ethical manner and produce healthy, tasty meat for consumers to enjoy.

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In 2011 we decided to start breeding Dorper sheep because we thought they would suit our environment. Dorpers are a hardy meat breed of sheep originating from South Africa. They browse for their feed and seem to prefer eating bushes and shrubs but do eat grass as well. Dorpers shed their wool which eliminates the need for mulesing, crutching, shearing and the use of harsh chemicals to prevent fly strike. We have some irrigation but our sheep roam through our floodplain scrub country most of the time and seem to enjoy it! Dorpers grow quickly and develop lots of muscle. Our ewes are excellent mothers, often raising twins. They are also very good at protecting their young from foxes. We provide our sheep with natural minerals, which helps to keep them healthy.



The way in which we manage our lambs, together with what they eat; results in meat that is lean & tender with a unique, delicious flavour. We weigh and select the best lambs to go to the abattoir. We transport the lambs ourselves & then the carcasses are delivered to our butcher and aged for at least six days. The carcasses are expertly broken down into the various cuts. The meat is then vacuum packed (cryovaced) to prolong shelf life, weighed and labelled. No preservatives, chemicals or water are added to our lamb.

Photo courtesy of Vision House Photography