Our Story


Hello and welcome to our page! Narrung Farms is home to Justin, myself (Bianca) and our two little boys, Jake & Cody. Our farm has been in my family for 29 years, so I know the history and have a deep connection to this land. The farm consists of 270 hectares of floodplain country located on the Murray River in North West Victoria. This can be a harsh land with an annual average rainfall of only 250 millimeters. So in 2011 we chose a breed of sheep that we thought would suit our environment, bought some Dorpers and started breeding them. Dorpers are a meat breed of sheep originating from South Africa. They browse for their feed so prefer to eat bushes and shrubs, in addition to grass. Dorpers shed their wool which eliminates the need for muelsing, crutching, shearing and the use of harsh chemicals to prevent fly strike. We have some irrigation but our sheep roam through our scrub country most of the time and seem to enjoy it! We also breed chickens for meat and eggs, as well as ducks for eggs. We have a collection of working dogs on our farm as well as the odd horse or two. We strive to improve this land and leave it in better condition for the next generation. We do not use chemicals or artificial fertilizers, choosing instead to produce our own compost, compost tea, worm castings and worm juice. Our animals are also provided with natural minerals in powder form, so that they can choose to eat what they may be lacking in.


The welfare of our animals is very important to us and this is one of the reasons we chose to sell our lamb direct to consumers. We also believe that people have a right to know where their food comes from and a greater connection between consumers and farmers is needed. We felt that we were producing healthy, tender lamb with a unique taste but these qualities were not being recognized in the saleyard. Every time we sold lambs through the local saleyard they would go through days of unnecessary stress. So in 2015 we designed and had our own coolroom built and got it registered with PrimeSafe Victoria. Then we attended our first Farmers Market in March 2016! I attended the “Grow Your Ethics” Workshop at Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths in 2016 where I became inspired by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, which fosters a deeper & direct connection between food eaters and food producers. We are now working towards selling most of our lamb via CSA member subscriptions. People will be able to choose how much of our lamb they would like to eat over the course of a year and pay up front or monthly by direct debit. We will then deliver boxes of lamb to a central location (hub) every two months. This model will enable us to reduce waste and better plan and budget for our yearly farm activities and improvements.